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Welcome to Offmar – Technology manufacturers

Offmar specialize in the design and construction of machinery suitable for packaging: heat welders, hot die-cutters, automatic gathering machines, machines for bubble film reel making of different sizes with ad hoc solutions for the production requirements.


Thanks to the experience gained by their staff and the use of the most advanced design and manufacturing methods, Offmar constantly search for innovation and quality, to offer an increasingly better service in the packaging and converting market.


Parsifal, Offmar’s leading product , derives from a careful analysis which highlighted the need to achieve also personalized packaging , with limited costs and quantities. So as to achieve this objective the current way to produce finished items has been utterly changed.


Offmar, thanks to the newly applied technological solutions on Parsifal, has simplified and unified the production process in a single machine used to produce bags and padded envelopes with different dimensions and characteristics, also with limited quantities and with efficient costs.



WAVEBAG "The new innovative protective mailer"
Jun 08, 2017
It's born the new ECOLOGICAL protective mailer! Discover it and contact us!

Jun 08, 2017
EQUIPLAST 2017 The International Plastic and Rubber Event

May 15, 2014
View the best, fast and easiest machine for disposable gloves in the market.

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