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Materials and Applications

Materials that can be processed with the Offmar machines as Parsifal

Air Bubble  grammage  40/50/70/90/100/115/150 gr/m² bubble thickness 3mm

Air Bubble+PP (polypropylene) Metallised 3mm thick with PP Metallised on 1 or 2 sides

Air Bubble+HD 3mm thick +Hd 8/10/20μm

Air Bubble+Pe (expanded polypropylene) 70gr bubble+Pe 1/2/3/4μm 90gr bubble+Pe 1/2/3/4μm

Foam+Hd Pe 1mm+Hd 8 /10/20μm Pe 2mm+Hd 8 /10/20μm Pe 3mm+Hd 8 /10/20μm


Types of products and productions:

Padded envelopes



3D bags

Bellow bags

Bag with even edges

Bag with flaps

Bag (with 2 bobbins)

Tubular (with 2 bobbins)

Pre-cut sheets

Pre-cut sheets with welding

Disposable packaging

Plastic laminates


Fields of application:

The processing that Offmar machinery allow can be applied to various areas:

- Packing and packaging

- Converting

- Building: for thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings and swimming pools

- Agricultural: green houses coverage

- Electronics

- Food: bellow bags, polyethylene tubular sections, shoppers

- Apparel: garment covers

- Furnishing: plastic laminates

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