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Parsifal Delta high production heat welder

Parsifal Delta allows to produce bubble film or foam bags for small and large quantities with different features.

Parsifal δ (Delta), Offmar leading product, was conceived from a careful analysis that has highlighted the need to produce also personalized packaging, with small costs and quantities.


The current way of producing processed items was thus totally changed in order to achieve this objective.


In so far to achieve sheets, covers, bags and air bubble film, foam and coupled envelopes, complex and expensive plants are used, often with large limitations in the processing of specific products, which impose large quantity productions and that are finally hard to place on the market by the single local converters.


Offmar, thanks to Parsifal δ new technological applied solutions, has simplified and unified the production process in a single machine used to produce envelopes and padded bags with different sizes and characteristics, even in limited quantities and effective costs.


Offmar propose Parsifal δ in several customised versions in order to meet the specific requirements.

Parsifal δ eliminates the use of complex and expensive converting plants, replacing them with a flexible machine, quick to re-set and that goes from one application to the other within a few minutes. 


Parsifal δ allows to produce envelopes, bags and both standard and personalised packaging, at very contained costs, also for small quantities and mass production.


The technological solutions applied to Parfisal Delta are extremely innovative, compared to other welding machines, heat welders, cutters, rewinders, pre-cutting machines, etc.


Offmar technology enables to combine the whole production process in a single machine.


Parsifal δ was conceived and designed to implement the whole process in a completely automatic mode, reaching the production of 7,500 cycles/hour, with dimensions up to 100 metres in length.


Also for the materials used in the converting process, Parsifal δ allows the widest choice, without limitation: bubble film (pluriball), expanded film (foam), barrier film, laminates, flat film.


Parsifal δ allows the Converter and the Distributor to reduce labour costs, to comply with delivery times, to produce small personalised batches, which with the traditional systems would be economically not feasible.


The job change speed is guaranteed by the tactile interface Control Panel, with which a recipe (process variables) can be called back or a new one can be easily defined.


Parsifal δ fields of application include converting, the end of line, packaging and packing.


This is a machinery intended mainly to Converters and Distributors, which can thus increase their competitiveness in the production of bags, padded envelopes, mailers, pallet covers, disposable packaging, plastic laminates, 3D bags, protective items for packaging and shipments,  bellow bags, etc.

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